Chicken run protection at the ground


Apr 13, 2012
Hello, I have a question. I would like to know how people secure the area between ground and the chicken run wall botom. I had someone create a chicken coop for me (my husband isn't exactly the handy man of the year) and they build the wall just standing on the ground. This does't look too secure to me...any ideas on anyone's side?

Thanks in advance!
Run a 18" apron of 1/4" weld wire mesh around the base of your coop. Below is an example from run. Let grass grown thru it or cover with whatever, keeps predators form digging under

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Yep, I have a fencing apron, too. I stitched it to the run with galvanized wire since we used dog kennel panels and then tossed some dirt and rocks on it. It's working well.

You definitely want something because the chickens will dig right next to the fence.
I also have a hardware cloth apron along the bottom of my runs. The first one I dug a foot in the ground and buried the wire(too much of a hassle) the second one I laid it on the ground and placed garden stones on the edge to hold the wire down and make a garden perimeter around the run. I plan to fill it with decoritive stones and then some rustic decor that I will hopefully find while hitting some repurpose type stores.
Yes, an apron has worked well for our two coop runs. It always seems a shame to lay such e-x-p-e-s-i-v-e material on the ground. Eighteen inches times a 24 foot perimeter really adds up.

I have used either a 12 or 18-inch apron, and secure it to the ground using landscape staples, which is another pricey item for what it is.

(predator proofing is not cheap)
I simply placed wide concrete patio stones along the edge of my coop/run. We live right on the edge of a forest (no lack of wild animals about) and I haven't had any digging problems at all.

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