Chicken saddles and wing protectors

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    If you're having problems where not only are the hens losing feathers but skin too, this is a serious issue and needs to be corrected using flock management, not just buying saddles. Saddles are a temporary solution. If you ever need to buy saddles there's usually a problem you need to correct, unless you're just using them to help your girls out during molt. In your case, your poor hens sound like they must be very beat up and probably stressed out. You need to rehome one or maybe even both of your roosters, or you need to get a lot more hens. The correct ratio is ten hens for each rooster. If you do have what should be enough hens and this is still happening, those roosters need to go. It's never acceptable for roosters to cause damage to hens, not when there are so many good roosters out there looking for homes. I don't think they even make saddles that go down as far as you're talking about since that would impede the birds' ability to use their wings.

    In the meantime, you can get butterfly saddles from Louise's Country Closet here: They don't cover as much as you are requesting but they will help until you can get your flock sorted out.
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    I agree, I would remove the roosters, your hens shouldn't have to put up with that type of harassment.
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    From your description your hens are suffering from an extensive amount of damage from your roosters. Pyxis is correct, you really need to rethink your flock management instead of searching for saddles. Your hens should not have to put up with that kind of abuse.
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    First, are you sure that your hens aren't simply molting?? Because if your roosters are causing naked wings, then you've got some seriously abused hens and need to kick those roosters to the curb...maybe keep the roos in a bachelor pen separately from the hens? I don't know of any aprons that cover the wings too, because I've never heard of it being needed before.

    And when you say "down to the bone" I'm hoping you don't mean literally.

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