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Feb 5, 2010
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Extra Small & Small - $2.50
Medium & Up - $3.50

Add Snaps - .50

Chicken saddles are made to protect your hen's back from a roosters nails and talons. When a rooster overmates a hen this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage. We make these saddles to allow feather growth without having to separate her from the flock. These can also be used during a molt in case there is excessive pecking. They are also washable and easy to put on!

Shipping is free no matter what size your order is

*Every order comes with a tracking number*

These are made with a tough backing and a cotton layer. The backing we've recently changed to is just as heavy/thick as a denim material so the rooster's talons can't break through it. They're tough enough to take a rooster yet comfortable for your hen. These are also made with the intention of not being too heavy to avoid overheating. We have two options for our saddles, with the elastic permanently fused between the layers of fabric or with snaps which is an easier, more convenient way of putting the saddles on.

My girls love their saddles and I have a few that wear them permanently.

Saddle sizes are:

Extra Small - 4 Long x 5 Wide
Small - 5 Long x 6 Wide
Medium Narrow - 6 Long x 7 Wide
Medium Wide - 6 Long x 8 Wide
Large Short - 7 Long x 7 Wide
Large - 8 Long x 7 Wide
XL - 9 Long x 7 Wide

If you wish to have fleece on the back of your saddles to keep your girls warm, feel free to request it at no extra charge.

I have so many that I can't show them all here but I can give links to my website which has them all, and the sizes I have for them. If you only feel comfortable ordering them here, that's perfectly okay! Feel free to leave a message here or PM me.


We are able to do custom orders at no extra charge. Don't be afraid to contact me for anything, I love chatting!

Here are a few examples: (We also have a few different camo prints)

Some examples:






We also have a Butterfly Saddle:



The Butterfly Saddle is meant to cover more of your hen for better protection exclusively designed by Louise's Country Closet. They are all one piece, nothing is sewn on or removable and are just as easy to put on as one of our original saddles. Not only are these for better protection, but they're cute too with their butterfly pattern! This design is made with snaps for an even easier time putting them on your hen and are measured the same as our original design. These work incredibly well, we prefer using these on our girls compared to a regular saddle. In one case, we had one hen that was extremely bald and bleeding, and within a week she had large pinfeathers already growing in and within a month she was fully feathered!

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