Chicken Safe Herbicides/Pesticides?

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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Seeing how my girls prefer my hostas to weeds, I am wondering if there are any spot spray weed killers that would be safe to use, particularly if they change their minds.
    I normally spray my apple tree weekly for bugs/fungal diseases. I use red spheres to curtail coddling moth and maggot moths, but may need additional control to get good apples. The spheres are coated in non-toxic tanglefoot goo which attracts the flies and makes them stick to them.

    Any help welcomed!
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    I have successfully used white vinegar to kill weeds. Only thing is, you must be patient and come back to inspect it after a week instead of the next day with the commercial stuff.

    I have also used bleach spray.

    But with the bleach better wait until it rains before letting them out on it, IMO. Or wash it off with a hose later.

    Soap is good to spray fruit trees with (fels-naptha laundry soap bar diluted in water) from what I have READ (haven't done it).

    I did a quick search and found someone's recommendation for how much soap to use:
    scroll down
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