Chicken Scours?

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    Sep 28, 2010
    One of my chickens or my rooster (him I think) seems to have scours/diarrhea. I have seen it a few times in the past couple days, and this morning it was everywhere. Smells terrible, not formed, no white (urea), and a caramel brown color...does anyone have any idea what it could be? Also, he isnt crowing yet and has been making some weird honking noises and I am now wondering if this is related and he is ill. For the past two day, all of them have been wanting to stay in the coop late into the morning...they did come out last afternoon, but I had to coax...they are all eating (roo too) and acting fine otherwise...I am new to the rooster and three of the hens about a month ago and then three more hens last Sunday with two baby silkies. My husband said he saw the loose stool before the Sunday additions, so I dont think they have brought anything in with them. Anyone have any ideas???
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    well for starters you need to isolate him from the rest of the flock. Try giving him yogurt might help his tummy, also type in chicken disease's on google search on this page. you can also type in chicken poop and get a look at normal and problematic poops too. If he's not crowing which might be just not old enough yet, and your not sure about the noise you might want to get rooster booster it's sold at most tractor supply stores or just plain baby vitamins w/o iron and see if that gives him a boost. keep a close eye on him and that way if you notice any changes for the worst you can medicate the whole flock quickly. Keep us posted.
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    dawg53 - That was a great link - never have I been so glad to see up close pictures of chicken poo!!! I was about to ask about foamy poo and viola a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks again![​IMG]
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    Your welcome!
  5. ckw1205

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    Sep 28, 2010
    WoW...thanks so much Dawg 53!!!!!!! The poop is in the normal it sad to be this relieved over normal chicken poop?? Thanks again and have a wonderfully blessed afternoon!!!!
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    I loooooove the chicken poop website!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would have known a bunch of pictures of poop could be so helpful! [​IMG]

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