chicken-skin cracklings

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    Ok, if you are seriously watching your cholesterol, probably ignore this one [​IMG]

    But for those who feel ok with indulging responsibly <g>...

    ...I'm one of those people who feel that pretty much the best part of a roast chicken (turkey whatever) is the nice crispy roasty skin fresh out of the oven. Alas, it just isn't the same the next day, or even by the time you go back to the stove for seconds. I've always tossed it in with the bones to boil up for stock, then thrown it out.

    No more! I was leafing through a rather chef-y foofy cookbook and came across the idea of cutting leftover roast chicken skin into thin strips, then frying up in a pan to make cracklings.

    Tried it tonight, it was WONDERFUL. Not quite as good as the original roast, but still really really good.

    I used all the skin, even the stuff from the sides and underneath that doesn't really crisp up when you roast the bird. Cut into strips about 1/4" x 2" and fried up in a pan -- I used about a Tb of oil but in retrospect I think they had enough fat already in the skin that I could've used less or no added oil. Waited until they were very brown and crispy, then drained on paper towels like bacon.

    They used it as a garnish for some godawful complex thing, but you can use them more normally if you want [​IMG] I ate about half of mine just standing there <g> then used the rest on some pasta - I will warn you that after a couple minutes contact with the damp pasta the cracklings got a little damp too.

    But, mmm mmm good [​IMG]

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    Mmm, that sounds yummy! And I am one to stand by the oven, waiting for the bird to come out so I can pick at it, lol! I know, I know, it's not good for you, and considering I'm trying to *lose*weight, I should be using SKINLESS chicken/turkey [​IMG]

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