Chicken sneeze or hicup

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    Dec 13, 2010
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    Hi All,
    Today as I was walking down to the coop, I heard a loud, high pitched honklike noise. At first,I thought the neighbor kids were tooting their bicycle horns. However, when I reached the coop, I found my eight month old white EE making the noise. I thought she might be sneezing, but even after I let them out to romp she still made the sound, not as loud, but she was still making it. Because of the sounds frequency and change of loudness, I thought it might be hicups, although I have never heard of such a thing involved with chickens.
    Please help me identify the noise, and if it is sneezing, I'll check for the noise again tomorrow to see if she has a cold. If it is hicupping, well, maybe I'll just watch for it again.
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    Sometimes my girls make that noise when they get a piece of food stuck - high weazy honk. I tell them to get a drink, but they don't listen [​IMG]

    I am hoping that is all it was and that she is back to normal.

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