Chicken sneezed, found dead next morning

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    We have a small flock of hens, 2 golden sex links, 2 amber whites, 1 barred rock, 1 silverlaced wyandotte, 1 americuana, 1 buff orpington and 1 duck. Two days ago we heard one of the golden sex links sneeze a few times. We had just let them out to run around the yard in the morning and she ran out with the rest of them. Wasn't acting any differently and she went with the others back into the coop at dark. The next morning I went to let them out and she was lying dead on the floor of the coop. I don't have a clue what happened! We got some powdered antibiotic for respiratory diseases at the feed store that you mix into their water and are giving the rest of the flock that for 10 days but I just don't know what killed her. Other than hearing her sneeze she seemed healthy.
    My poor little Hazel, I feel bad that I didn't even realize that she was ill.
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    Sorry for your lose. Glad you put them on meds. Don't eat their eggs while on meds and check the labels withdrawal before egg are OK after treatment. Chickens don't get colds but do get MS & MG which is very common. Check out this link and what info it has for treatment of these respiratory illnesses.
    Good Luck. I hope the rest stay healthy.
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    Sorry for your loss. There are many respiratory diseases, both viruses and bacterial. You probably should read about some of the common diseases they can get, and if you have another death, I would refrigerate the body, and send it off to your state vet for a necropsy. That or having one tested is the only way you know what disease it is for sure. Here is the info on diseases and contact for your state vet: and

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