Chicken sneezing and pneumonia sound

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    Aug 20, 2013
    I just got my roughly 3 month old Plymouth rock today. However upon close inspection a few hours after receiving her, I notice she will sneeze every so often. She also appears to be making a sound like mucus is somewhere in her.

    Bad thing is that she's been with my golden comet this whole time and now I'm worried she might have gotten it. The infected one is very very active running around and chirping/clucking a LOT. Bad news is that I am only 15 and cannot afford anti-biotics for her, plus the farm we got her from was very far away and cannot return her. My parents said this is the last chicken they're getting and will not replace her if she dies. So basically if she dies the golden comet will be by its self in the cold winter here in Cleveland. So what can I do to make her better?
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    If they won't get antibiotics, you might try giving her garlic every day in food or water. It works as a natural antibiotic. You should always quarantine new birds for at least a month before mixing them with your older birds, in case they have a disease.
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    If it is viral Infectious Bronchitis, antibiotics wouldn't help anyway.

    All you can do is boost their immune system while they fight the "chicken cold."

    I helped my flock by putting Elderberry tincture (which you can get at a health food store...make sure it has no alcohol in it) in the water. Sambicus is a brand name, but there are some good generics that are cheaper. Also add vitamins/electrolytes in the water...usually it is called "Save A Chick" at the feed store.

    Put garlic in the feed. Fresh is best, until it smells garlicky.

    Keep their area clean, and food fresh. Then wait and watch. Chickens can and do bounce back from this.

    Also, you can look at the feed store for Rooster Booster Triple Action Multi-Wormer. It has a de-wormer (Hygromycin B) and an antibiotic (Bacitracin). The commercial growers continuous feed their flocks with those two meds; however, when my flock had IB, I gave it to them for a week after their initial "cold" symptoms had subsided to fight any secondary bacterial infections and to knock down any worm growth that had happened while their immune systems were busy fighting off the IB.

    Good Luck
    Lady of McCamley
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    1st thing you need to do TODAY! is get Apple Cider Vinegar water 1-2 tables spoons per gallon of water.
    Buttermilk, plain white yogurt, probiotics in the form of a product called Probiocin (an over the counter tube of gel with good bacteria in it. This is much better than going the yogurt route. $8-$10 per tube) Just go to your vet and get it. No need for appointment or prescription. Usually just setting on their shelf, or just ask for it.

    On the left side of the homepage you will see a list
    Click on OTC(over the counter)Pet Medications
    Click on Antibiotics
    Click on Non-Prescription

    The bird and fish antibiotics are of cephelexin (fish flex), erythromycin, doxycycline and amoxicillin(fishmox) are the exact same pill from the drug store. Same manufacturer, same color, same size, same markings on the capsule, same mg. Read more at

    Take note of capsules or pills in other words.... powder vs. hard solid pill. Depending on how you want to administer. I recommend pills for just a few to animals to treat and powder if you have many to treat and put in food. Because pills can be chopped in 1/4 and 1/2 is easier to regulate. Power is nice to sprinkle on measured amounts of food, may need to dampen the food a pinch bit to get it to stick to it to it. Then stir up good and serve.

    Dosage chart

    Feed Plain white Yogurt for good bacteria in gut. The gut is the #1 immune fighting organ that must be working well for optimal immunity for all creatures. Pry chicken's mouth open and put a dab on finger and keep smearing it in the mouth. I don't know how much but I'd guess about a tbs for a full grown chicken.
    1-2 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) per gallon of water. Use plastic water-er, hard on metal may rust it.
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    Are you saying that at the age of 15 you can't figure out a way to get $20?

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    Jul 27, 2013
    I was wondering about that comment too. "No money" Why are animals/pets all too often seen at the bottom of people's priorities?
    I suppose that is why the shelters are full of allot of sick animals.
    "Where there is a will there is a way."
    Please people....if you don't have the time or money for an animal don't get one in the 1st place and cause it to suffer because of the lack of your "will"

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