Chicken sneezing and runny nose

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  1. ChikenMania

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    Jul 16, 2016
    Carlisle MA
    The title. I read that it might be respiratory diseases, and that they could be deadly :( Currently there is just 1 chicken that is sneezing and has a runny nose, but she has sneezed multiple times. There is nothing wrong with her otherwise. Please answer :(
  2. MasterOfClucker

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    Jul 19, 2016
    Sound like a minor respiratory infection.I would go to your local feed store and get Tylan 50 and a 3cc syringe.Tylan 50 will treat secondary symptoms and may stop it completely.Dosage is Tylan 50 injectable orally 1/4 cc bantum, 1/2 cc standard once a day for five days.I dont think she will die.[​IMG]

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