Chicken Sounds Like It's purring?

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    Nov 25, 2012
    I have no idea what was wrong with my pour chicken. She seemed depressed, not energetic, the other chickens were avoiding and pecking at her, and what made it worse was that it sounded like she was purring and having trouble breathing. She died within the week of getting her and was a d'uccle. I was wondering if it was a breed specific disease, or if it could have been viral, bacterial, and how to protect my other d'uccle and the rest of the flock. Can anyone help?
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    Hi. [​IMG]

    Don't know about any issues or weaknesses specific to that breed. Some chicks are just not meant to thrive, and it really is quantity over quality for ground nesting birds like chickens. How old was she when you got her? If she was lethargic from the start, she may have been in compromised health and the move to a new home was just too much.

    The best way to avoid getting your flock sick is preventative. Although chicks are generally safe, new chickens from an unknown source are always a risk when put in with an existing flock. Most people strongly recommend quarantining far away from your flock for a few weeks before introducing. However, I got two pullets from a trusted breeder with a healthy closed flock and added them directly to my closed and healthy flock and had no problems. It was probably more of a risk for the new birds who were exposed to new naturally occurring bacterial strains in my flock.

    Since you are already past this point, and your flock may have been exposed to something, it might help to add some vitamins and electrolytes to their water and keep up good nutrition and hygiene practices to keep their immune systems operating at top level. Respiratory viruses spread very easily within a flock, and antibiotics will not kill viruses, so keeping in peak health is the best you can do. Also, be a good observer. If you notice any individual having any symptoms or respiratory problems, remove and isolate them until the problem is resolved.

    Hopefully it was just a weak individual, and nothing contagious. Best wishes to you! [​IMG]

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