Chicken stopped laying and now staying away from the flock


14 Years
Sep 19, 2007
Mid Hudson River Valley, NY
I am concerned about a chicken, coo coo marans about 3 1/2 yrs old. She first laid eggs with no yolk and now she's appearing to be quite and to herself... and going into the coop early in the afternoon. This same thing happened to another chicken a couple months ago and she withered away and died.

What should I be looking for to determine illness? I don't see anything wrong... red comb, eyes look good.

appreciate any insight.
Any swelling in the abdomen? How's her appetite? Is her crop full first thing in the morning? When is the last time your chickens were wormed? Have you checked for bugs at night while the chickens are roosting?
Are they being fed a good nutritious feed?
Do you have grit out for them all the time, and oyster shell or ground up eggshells?
Sometimes you get a chicken that has a congenital a heart defect or liver problem, etc.
The fact that she didn't have any yolk in her eggs makes me wonder if she's just not strong enough physically to produce a good egg.
I would keep her separated from the others so you can keep better track of her intake and output.
Is the other one who died from the same group of marans?
I use DE to ward off many of the bugs and don't believe there are any in the coop. How do you check 'night' bugs? Flashlight? Where do you look?
I don't 'worm' my chickens except when I've seen worms. Again I use DE and try as best as possible to keep the heavy chemicals at bay.
So in both cases what would I be looking for?
The hen is a cuckoo marans - older gal - 3-4. She seems to be moulting, which is why her previous yolk free eggs didn't send out a signal. She's got a red comb, but seems under the weather. In the mornings she doesn't leave the coop right away, but she does in due time and I've seen her out in the yard scratching and pecking. But then she's back in the pen sorta to herself as the day progresses.

I've got my dh builiding a little sick bay in the barn so I can keep her there and keep an eye on her for a couple days.

Thanks all.
I don't have grit for them cause they get to free range and the feed is organic and locally grown. Right now it's chick starter to which I add oyster shells... and which is always in the pen. I have an array of chickens... the previous one was a GLW and this one is a CMarans. They're older gals, but I will put her in a sick bay and check her out more closely.

thansk so much,

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