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Feb 19, 2014
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Hey guys
so I was thinking, it would be fun to try and post one of your chicken stories (funny, embarrassing, annoying, horrifying, etc)
Have fun,

P.S. feel free to post some pictures:)
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May 13, 2013
Lol I have one for you...

I have a small backyard flock of australorp hens. I went out to gather eggs one afternoon and one of my hens, named Fritter, seemed more curious about what I was doing and followed me back to the coop. I grabbed the eggs and left, but Fritter was just standing there watching me. I could almost see the wheels turning in her mind.

Well, as I went around the corner of the house, I saw her walk into the coop. I had almost made it to the front gate when I all of a sudden she comes running and flapping her wings, squawking bloody murder around the corner and all the way to the gate. Luckily I had already closed it.

She has never really trusted me with her eggs since. :)


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Apr 2, 2014
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Tender "chases me" into the house when I bring the car chicks inside.

She also waits for me at the door to the coop when I bring the dogs out after work and on the weekends because she knows she's gonna free-range.

And then we have her lovely "egg song" that tells me a warm egg is on it's way.

When I went to pick out our laying hens, Sassy made this growling sound (maran mix) and I HAD to have her! Egghead (barred rock) was the only barred rock to turn around and face me (it was just after dark when I arrived there).

Love my girls! They are so much fun!


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Mar 17, 2013
Hi,I have 5 weird but sweet hens. I started off with 3 faverolles hens and a banty cochin hen in a small 3x5 coop. The faverolles refused to lay eggs in the attached nesting boxes, so I figured they were too small, so I added a wooden "nesting" planter. The faverolles were so happy they taught the banty cochin to also use the preferred planter. I then lost 1 faverolles hen and got an 11 month old americana. Who then learned to use the nesting planter from the others. Once in a great while she would use the nesting boxes. This winter my sweet husband built me a wonderful 5'x8'shed style coop. I built the nesting boxes making sure they were high, deep and wide, painted the inside brown, and put nice pine shavings in them. During this time I acquired another banty cochin hen (? 11 months old). After a 2 week adjustment in the new coop only the Americana was laying and would use the nesting boxes. I finally cried uncle and put the "nesting" planter in next to the nesting boxes. The next day the faverolles started laying again, of course in the nesting planter. The cochins are also finally laying, in the nesting planter. If the planter is busy I will find eggs everywhere except in the nesting boxes. Has anyone ever had chickens that are claustrophobic? My chickens are so weird, but I love them any way. :D




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Jun 13, 2013
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Whenever I am in the hen house collecting eggs and checking my hens progress in sitting for the first time my gold laced polish roo named Rust will follow me. Whenever he wants me to pick him up he does the little dance they do for the girls minus the biting! But I was completely ignoring him as I was collecting the eggs and petting the hens, well he decides he will get the attention he wants and jumps on my shoulder and starts doing his little dance! I was so bewildered that I just let him stay up there till he got tired and thank god he didnt poop on me!


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Mar 27, 2014
We got 2 Silkies cuz we heard they make good moms. Here are Gala & Meli (Milk & Honey):

We took extra special care of our silkies, bringing them inside in bad weather:

Of course after a few months Gala started to crow:

Naturally before long Meli did too. Now the hens have 2 truly great protectors during free range time!

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