Chicken Story and new chick photo's!


9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
New Mexico(yes its in the USA)
I am so mad!
ok our neighbors had there niece over, and she was throwing rocks at our chicken coop!
No worries none of the chickens were hurt but the chicken coop is a little dented!! UGH! My mom went and
talked to the nieghbor they said they caught her and everyone was very mad at her. He also apologized.

No wonder our chickens were bocking like crazy this morning!
Any way we also took a few photo's of the chicks in the backyard here are some of the photo's

I'll upload more on my BYC page so be sure to check that out



The Chicken Whisperer
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10 Years
May 11, 2010
Somebody was throwing rocks at those little darlings? What wrong with those people! Why, when I was a toddler and discovered chickens I didn't throw rocks at them, I'd snatch them up and try to convince my parents to allow me to keep them!

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