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    Chicken Stuff

    These are a series of chicklims (chicken limericks) I've written over the past couple of years. Thought some of you very fowl folks might get a chuckle or two - maybe a cluck.

    by F. Lee Jennings (aka clawmute)
    [​IMG]2008 All Copyrights remain with the author

    A chicken named Myra was pooped
    no eggs had she laid in her coop
    then came the tax man
    with an ax in his hand
    Myra paid up with one felling swoop

    A Rooster named Davey, quite rude
    never gave all the hens their just due
    instead of amour
    he read books by the door
    giving hen pecks to only a few

    Betsy Trotwood was quite the slick chicken
    she only pecked at the best pickens’
    she laid apple pies
    to the farmer’s surprise
    so he said “now don’t that beat the Dickens!”

    A teen Rooster, Hoke, drove through town
    long hot summer, car windows down
    looking out for a bride
    now Hokes’ quite satisfied
    driving Miss Daisy around

    Greg was a Rooster by heck
    frayed nerves had made him a wreck
    shame made him so shy
    that he ate on the sly
    so the hens never saw Gregory peck

    A clever young hen named veronica
    loved to sing, dance and play the harmonica
    she’d play for the flock
    in a bright yellow frock
    while they all danced to Hava Nagila

    Trixie Whitemeat was a pretty hot chicken
    her drumsticks looked just finger lickin’
    had a swing in her hips
    and a pout on her lips
    Colonel Sanders soon picked her for pickin’

    A crafty old hawk on the prowl
    spied a chicken, a tender young gal
    he wheeled down from a limb
    to complete the mayhem
    and committed murders most fowl

    Young chickens turned onto the rap
    to the farmer it felt like a slap
    so he unplugged the speakers
    enraging those beakers
    and the whole thing caused quite a flap

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