Chicken suffered heat stroke - recovery advice?


Jun 29, 2021
Live in Portland area and my 2 yr old barred rock experienced severe heat stroke yesterday - found her laying down almost passed out. We brought her inside, used cool water to cool her down but she was suffering from seizure symptoms including muscle spasms etc. Throughout the eventing, she was slowly improving - couldn't sit up last night and feet curled up. By the end of the night she is sitting upright and drank a few tiny sips of poultry electrolyte water, but her comb was dark on the edges and shriveled. Today she's still barely sipping electrolyte water, sleeps almost all the time but is sitting upright and her comb is red and plump. She pooped a fair amount of yellowish watery diarrhea this morning. Is it likely she'll recover? Any other advice on what to do other than continue to encourage drinking and letting her sleep in cool dark room? Thank you!

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