chicken survive dog attack but now she is so skinny

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    May 11, 2007
    My chicken was attacked by a dog a month ago but she has been healing wonderfully except she is very thin and much smaller than the other chickens. Her crop seems full after a day of feeding, has good looking poop but she is just a sack of bones. I tried to give her dry cat food but she just pecked at it like it was too hard to eat.

    Also she was growing back feathers, today they look like they were plucked out- the other chickens? The other chickens have been going through a growth spurt so now they are so much bigger than her. Do I spray on some blu-koat until the feathers have grown out?
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    The blue kote sounds like a good idea. Try giving her some pumpkin seeds they are a natural de-wormer.
    Easy on the cat food has a lot of salt.

    Some other things to try is:
    Oatmeal mixed with yogurt with the live culture (it will say it does on the container)
    Cooked egg
    Apple cider vinegar in her water has to have the mother again it will say so on the bottle. About a tablespoon per quart - NEVER served in a metal containrer
    Garlic - free choice...
    And of course BOSS - black oil sunflower seed

    Avian 2000 is a great multivitamin to have on hand see if your feed store carries it or you can get it online. Murray McMurray carries it.

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