Chicken Swap (Columbia County, NY)


8 Years
Mar 31, 2011
East Chatham, NY
We are posting this because we recently had an egg swap and we wanted to set up a chicken/small animal sale and swap. We are looking to see who would come and with what and to set up a date. We would like to do it in Hudson at the Tractor Supply and need feed back. Want to make this a big turn out and would love to meet more BYC members. So please spread the word and send us plenty of feed back so we can get this rolling. We were thinking in August before the Chatham Fair. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or PM us through here.

Categories looking to have:


Hatching Eggs

Turkeys and other Fowl

Thank you,
~Peggy and Judy~
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Have you posted a link to this on the NY thread and southern NY thread? Maybe the vermont and mass threads as well? Just wondering. I am out of town or I would make the drive up.
Right now we are keeping it local, Columbia and Greene Counties. I am looking to see what kind of turn out before we think of doing this in other areas.

My husband and I are in Greene County - we are new to chicken farming, but we do have two white silkie bantam roosters that we would love to swap for egg laying hens. Our roosters are about 12 weeks old.

Please let me know if there is more information on the Chicken Swap.

Thank you
We are hoping to have more for this and if you want to bring them that would be great. If you know anyone else that wants to come the more the merrier.
My fiance and I live in Ulster County but would be willing to make the drive since we're not too far (only about an hour and a half away). We have a couple of red Orpington roosters we would love to trade for egg-laying hens.
I would definitely try to come if it was on a Saturday. If on a Sunday, I wouldn't be able to come until afternoon. When is the Chatham Co fair?

I might be able to bring some coturnix quail, either eggs or birds. Possibly some Buff Orp, silkie, Amer/Araucana, EE/barnyard mix eggs too.
The Chatham fair is from 8/29-9/3. We are hoping to have it maybe the weekend before, so are looking for as much feed back as possible. So if you guys can put the word out would love to have variety, so we have something for all. Dates would be appreciated.:D
Unfortunately, August 18-25 my husband and I are going to be out of town. Keep me posted on dates. Thank you

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