Chicken Swap& Market Fair Milford Nh Oct 18


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May 13, 2009
hooksett NH
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Milford NH

Oct. 18

all venders must set up 20 spaces back from ALL stores . no venders are to set up in any Handicap spaces thanks. All please see me at the swap to get a copy of the guidelines before set up .Thank you


HI everyone !
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I'll be there in the morning! Really looking forward to getting out! I have another obligation in the afternoon so I have to leave by 11:30am but that at least gives me a couple of hours.

What is the policy on set-up these days? Do we still show up around 8am-8:30am to set up or has TSC made the time more firm?
I'll be there, but I just have the 4 roos to bring.

Does anyone have any bantam faverolle pullets?

I will be there with some serama chicks, possily a seabrite trio and a pair of hens that are laying allready. Everything is probably going because I am thinking of running away to a warmer climate! Cannot deal with winter and then chickens on top of that!

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