Chicken that has lost a nail.

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  1. Crossy

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    Aug 24, 2011
    I am hoping someone will be able to give some guidance with this one. My new ex-bat Lulu decided she didn't like her chicken jumper and tried to pull it off with her feet. She managed to get her back claw of her left leg caught in it and ripped the back nail right off. When I went up at lunchtime to check on her it was hanging off and was bloody but not streaming with blood. My friend and I had to cut the nail off and then soaked her foot in warm soapy water (didn't have any salt to hand) and then covered it in the potassium purple stuff which we mixed up with water but made it quite thick. We gave it a good few coatings and then put her back in a clean nest box with a small tray of food to try and stop her from going out in the snow and dirt. She initailly wouldn't stand on that leg but as we left she had put it to the ground and was eating. Does anyone have any advice as the only thing that was left was a small hook at the end of the claw that looked like a smaller nail that would have been inside the nail that came off. Is there anything more I should do and would it be a good idea to give the vet a call and get some antibiotics?
    Lookforward to hearing from you.
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    Sound like you're doing the right stuff. I don't think you'd have to worry about giving her any antibiotics yet. The only thing I would do differently is try to wrap the toe to protect it and keep it clean. I'd use some vet wrap or tape around a small piece of non-stick gauze. Slather the injured part of her toe in an antibacterial ointment (the kind with no pain reliever, as it's bad for chickens) and wrap it up. Change it every couple days until it's healing up.

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