Chicken therapy


Mar 13, 2013
Maybe insurance should pay for our chickens though.... they say exercise and a healthy diet is key to keeping good health. Good health means less money insurance co has to spend on medical bills.

Chickens give us good, healthy meat, eggs, and helps us grow stuff with their poop. And anyone who has had to chase down a rogue bird knows what good exercise is.
@jeepgirl13 — they also have the flight advantage! Maybe if we learn how to fly we’ll be able to catch them!

And they should count that as insurance. It’s so much cheaper than meds and therapy! People need chickens not pharmaceuticals!!

No joke! Like really, who cant be happy when holding a soft, fluffy, feathered, shiny, colorful chicken who is just quietly clucking and cooing at you?

Even if you cant be happy doing with a big fluff butt, theres always baby fluff butts that peep and snuggle up in your neck.

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