Virginia John

Jan 23, 2020
I lock my chickens up for the day and come back two seconds later and there is a weird growth protruding from my chicken's mouth. It was like an organ and looked a lot like she had swallowed a bee. I was unable to get a picture because this all happened so fast but this is exactly what it looked like:
that's what it looked like.
She was very lethargic and had blood on her beak. When I come back a minute later from telling my back up it was gone. Like she had swallowed it up again.
She is about a year old and a prairie bluebell. She seems to be acting fine now but I'm worried about where it went and what to do??
I have people coming to take care of my chickens and I'm afraid it'll come back. It cant be a bite if the swelling went away that fast could it?
Please help
thank you

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