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    Chickens need entertainment so that they won't cause trouble. Luckily chicken toys are all around you, ready for lots of fowl fun. Check out this page to see some of the many toy you can make for your chickens.

    Chickens, like all animals, can get bored, and cause trouble or develop bad habits if left unoccupied and bored. Not all chickens can be allowed to free range and be able to entertain themselves, though even free range chickens can get bored and need fun too. Plus it's tons of fun for us to watch

    Most fruits and vegetables make great toys, especially ones that roll. Almost all fruits and vegetables are safe for chickens to eat, with the exceptions of potato peels, onions, and avocados.

    Chicken Tetherball~ Hang a head of Cabbage or Lettuce from a rope so they can jump up and rip off pieces

    Chicken Food Tresure Hunt~ Toss small items (Green Beans and Peas or Cran, Blue, & Rasberries) On the Lawn, Patio or Bedding so they have to dig through it to find the treats

    Peanut Butter Rings~ you know those plastic rings that kids play with, coat them in chuncky penut butter and roll them around, the girls will have a blast!

    Cricket Tubes~ tubes designed to allow out only one cricket at a time will give the chickens tons of fun as they wait for each of the yummy creatures to venture forth

    Note: thread will be updated as I find new ways to entertain chickens
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    Hanging ear corn or ear corn on spikes on a 2 X 4.

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