Chicken Tractor and Coyotes, possums and fox

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    Mar 18, 2011
    I'm thinking about raising meat birds which I've never done before. I like the idea of a chicken tractor as a way to help reduce feed costs. Other than that, I see no value in a chicken tractor versus a permanent coop.

    Is the amount of feed saved by using a chicken tractor significant or only minimal?

    We have bald eagles, red tail hawks, fox, possum and coyotes in the area. I can build a heavy chicken tractor that I move by pulling with the ATV and that would eliminate any possibility of a coyote lifting the tractor and getting in. But I don't see any real way to deal with predators dig there way inside. Is it practical to have a wire floor in a chicken tractor or would that make it impossible for the chickens to get at the grass?

    Just thinking about the pro's and cons of my options.
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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    If you do Cornishx meat birds, it's only eight weeks or so; Freedom Rangers are about twelve weeks. I park my hoop house near my house on the grass, and move it every few days; lawn fertilizer, and no cleanup needed. Works great! Because it's near the house short term, and moves often, I haven't had big problems, except for a Coopers hawk one summer. The birds didn't free range for ten days until he left. A wire floor will be a problem, injuring little feet, and add to the weight. Cornishx birds won't range much at all, while the Ranger types act like real chickens and will get out to hunt for the goodies. Mary

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