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  1. SportTees

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    I built a chicken tractor for my 4 small chicks in spring but now they have outgrown it. I needed an expansion that would be extremely cheap-- so here's my idea.....My quail cages are about 6ft from my property fence and my duck cage is in front of my quail cage but attached to the property fence. I think I will put my tractor between the quail cage and the property fence then build a fence from the quail to the duck pen. That would give them about a 10x14 run I'm guessing and it wouldn't cost a thing........Its not allot of room but its better than the 3x8 tractor.........
  2. Chicabee19

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    Aug 8, 2008
    excellent idea!
  3. SportTees

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    Thanks-- I'm thinking about opening the ducks pen so the chickens and ducks can mingle [​IMG]. I hope they like each other
  4. SportTees

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    I cut the tractor in half and fenced-- Chickens seem happier

  5. krjwaj

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Apex, NC
    Our tractor is 4x8, but they just make an eyesore of each patch of grass we move them too. Want to make it permanent and maybe add on.
  6. SportTees

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    Quote:I got lucky and had an area perfect for them and it didn't take allot of work or money. I think its going to end up better like this than having to move the tractor around. I have seen were some people just put the tractor on stilts and fence an area around it. Easy fix if you don't have a place like I did.

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