Chicken Tractor for sale in Southeast Michigan


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10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Metro Detroit
I have a great used chicken tractor for sale in Novi, MI. It is 12x10x2, has 10 easy access nest boxes, a roosting bar, a heat lamp, and 120 ft of mobile living space for your birds. The coop has a low profile and is easy to move in the yard. It has kept my small flock safe from coons, possums, and the neighbor's pitbull for the last two years. It is available for local pick-up only, I will not ship it and I cannot deliver it to you. I'll gladly help you load it up, though! It will require a trailer to haul - it is well built and will not come apart. It is constructed of corrugated steel and heavy duty wire mesh - no flimsy chicken wire here. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to come out and take a look at it! I have had up to 11 chickens in it, the 4H family I bought it from was using it for 30.

More photographs here:

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