Chicken Tractors added grazing area= fence jumpers?

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  1. Was thinking of using a tractor or temporary fencing to give my flock some extra grazing area outside of their fenced in backyard. Concerned though that they might get a taste for the other side of the property and start jumping the fence on their own to get to it. Grateful for the time being that all my birds stay in the yard even though the pickin is getting slim. Its a very real possibility isn't it?
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    Whether or not a chicken flies over a fence seems to depends on a number of factors - their size, flying ability, wings clipped or not, and their determination/desperation (what's on their side of the fence vs. the other side).

    I had a bantam that could fly >10'. My BA's haven't gotten over a 4' fence to my veggie garden, but if they were more determined maybe they would. It is slim pickins in my summer urban backyard because we don't water the lawn - all the green stuff was in the veggie garden but they didn't get into it. But they are a big breed; a bantam or good flier would be in there in no time. I would advocate trial and error, and when you do your trials, try to keep it cheap and simple. For example you can create a decent chicken barrier with plastic netting, bamboo poles or scrap lumber, and plastic wire ties/string/wire, etc.. Or those cheap green steel fence stakes you can use with chicken wire or welded wire fences. All chickens are different so you should experiment to see what works with yours. I have not had to resort to clipping wings, but I would if needed - something you could consider. Also, try to keep things interesting on their side of the fence - scrap food/compost, scratch, weeds from your garden, an old rotten stump, etc. Good luck!
  3. great reply! thanks so much! Sometimes I fuss over these sweet things so much I loose track. lol.

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