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  1. Hi all, last week my two hens were attacked by a hawk or falcon and was about to snatch one when my dad ran to the rescue and scared it away. Now though, one of my hens, the nicer of the two, will not go near me and seems as if she's scared to death and that I am going to hurt her. I heard chickens can die of fright. I don't think this will happen because it happened a while ago already and she's otherwise fine, but that should I do?
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    Get some cracked corn or meal worms and feed her. She should not be afraid to get close to you, but she will want to be near a bush or something for cover.

    I had a hawk kill one of my hens a few days ago. It ate her head to the bone, but left the rest practically untouched.
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    As long as your certain that she isn't injured I would just give her time, and treats of course :)

    Sitting where she can see you with a book or whatever might not be a bad idea either. Eventually she'll remember that your not a threat.
  4. Okay thank you. But, do you think I should give her any medicine or something like that to deal with the trauma.
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    Does she have physical trauma? Maybe you should look her over closely to find out, but I doubt any medication is necessary, even if there are cuts. You could wash out cuts with saline and apply bacitracin.
  6. Her comb was pail the other day and at night they are both making more noise than normal (like when I go to close the coop), bu tother than that they are fine.
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    Have you checked her over for injuries?
    Get her off the roost at night and part the feathers down to the skin all over her body to check.

    They will be spooked for awhile.

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