chicken tv better than cable (young rooster behavior)


7 Years
Aug 24, 2012
HI All,

My little ones are doing well. I just moved them to a 6x8 dog kennel. They are way too small to free range or run with the older ones yet but they needed more space. They love it. A funny thing happened during the though. An australorp that is supposed to be a hen but we are almost certain is a rooster reached through the fence and tried to peck my white plymouth rock rooster. Now my babies will be all of 6 weeks old on wednesday. Little Foghorn fluffed up, stood tall, and stared down this lorp that is 5 times his size. Now he is doing the same thing to the 2 EE boys that were included in my order as packing peanuts. It really is funny to watch since he is winning the battles with the boys his age and shows now fear of the bigger ones. Is this a sign of things to come or is this normal for a rooster this young? I am getting the feeling that Foghorn plans to be the dominant rooster.

Nobody is getting hurt at this point, but I wonder how long I have now to rehome my EE roosters before things get truly violent or do roosters posture a lot without actually fighting?

Thanks All,

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