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May 10, 2020
Chester, Nova Scotia
My Coop
My Coop
So my Christmas present this year was a coop cam, it arrived on Monday and I got it hooked up on Wednesday. Well yes, I’m obsessed lol
I disabled the alerts on it because that was getting ridiculous but I check it all the time. I just love watching them. Hoping to add another in the new year to the run. Who else has coop cams and are you obsessed with it?
I’m thinking of lowering my angle a bit so I can see into the nest boxes a bit better so I can figure out who’s laying the brown eggs.


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oK now i want to know which one you got. i was thinking of hooking my blink up out there but i'll need to buy another extension box for it.
Yep - I got two camera's for Christmas also! I need to rethink the position of the coop cam as I can't see who's in the egg boxes at night ....



edit - I got 2 x Reolink Argus 2 with the solar panels. I had recently installed an external wifi extender on the back of the house in preperation for this as I didn't have any signal there at all.
oK now i want to know which one you got. i was thinking of hooking my blink up out there but i'll need to buy another extension box for it.
This camara was recommend by another BYC member, and I can’t remember who, trying to find the thread so I can thank them for the recommendation. But it’s great, got it on Amazon and also got the solar panel to power it (again on the recommendation of the other BYC member) and loving it so far.


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My coop and run are totally dark too. Most of these types of camera have infrared lights on them that the camera can see.

My coop is 8 x 6 and the chooks have been sleeping in the nesting boxes but you can possibly make out there are some up on the roosts. I only put them up last week so I'm not sure I have the best position for them, but at least I can see if the automatic door is open or not (image below is cropped slightly so you can't see it).


My only concern with this is that I think chickens can actually see infra red so I'm not sure how much I disturb them looking at this camera though I only use the coop camera occassionally.

My run is 18 x 8 and you can see quite clearly with the infra red lights here

Would the infrared light disturb or scare the chooks. I mainly want to see who's bullying on the roosts. Does it only take single pics or is it an actual video. Does it record or do I have to monitor it. Sorry for all the ??

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