Chicken very sick looking:( please help.

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  1. chicken boy

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    I have an americana hen who hasn't been walking very much. Today after finding my duck (who does this every spring) pulling feathers. She has lost a ton of weight and her back end is sagging. I've checked for an egg but I can't feel anything hard in it, and can't find anything on the internet. So if anyone has had this problem any help would be nice.
  2. chickenzoo

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    When was she last wormed? Does her backed feel like a water balloon?
  3. chicken boy

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    I fell kind of shameful, but she's never been wormed:( I think that might be it. Is there a way to help her now or is it too late? Thank you for the help also.
  4. kidcody

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    Make sure you deworm everyone. Worms can be very taxing on the whole body. You might of caught it in time. Also another possibility is egg bound. Hens will stop walking if they are egg bound. Check to see if she is. Also give her scrambled eggs, buttermilk etc. to incourage her to eat. I hope she gets better! A lot of people are not aware that chickens need to be dewormed.
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    She sounds egg bound. You may need to lubricate a finger and digitally examine her vent. Also, read up on egg yolk peritonitis. Check the bases of her feathers around her vent area for white clusters of lice eggs.
  6. chicken boy

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    I'll check and do all that. I found she had got on the perches last night and is back down today, so I think she's better then I thought. She does look like she needs to poop or something when I look at her vent she's kind of tensing that area and it's messy right on the vent.

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