Chicken very small, skinny, slow to develop and seems sad :(


May 9, 2015

A bit concerned about my chicken, we rescued 20 from a chicken farm where they were going to be killed as they were behind in growth, now a few months in all are big and red, full feathered and happy apart from one. She seems very small and light compared to the others, has still got lots of scruffy white chick like feathers, and mostly just stands around looking depressed. The others are sociable. She does eat and drink but not very much.

Has anybody else had this problem? What can I do to make her happy and healthy?


The educated Rhino
7 Years
Jul 5, 2014
Center of Israel
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The best that you can do is consulting a vet that work with chickens. But if still want an advice I need more information, does she sneeze? Does she have foamy eyes? Does she have swollen eyes? Runny nose ? Diarrhea? Blood in her stools? You have to give this information for a useful advice.

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