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Sandra Verbreyt

Jul 12, 2017
Temse Belgium
My Silkie Margo has been ill and has been on a course of antibiotics. During her illness she lost some feathers from her chest and I was told these will not return until Spring ??? I saw an advert for knitted chicken vests. As it is winter now and quite cold outside I contemplated getting one for her. However I was advised against it. Are chicken vests a good idea or not? Will she be best left to keep warm in the straw in the coop until her feathers regrow? How long after losing feathers does it take for the new ones to appear?. Thanks everybody for your super help and advice.


May 17, 2017
Ulster Park
Hopefully she grows them back soon. Maybe 2-3 weeks ? Some take longer, some take less. Did she drop them all at once? If so, hopefully they will grow back fast too. Just make sure she has lots of protein available. You can search the forums or the internet for foods for chickens during molt. Some people use a little dry cat food.


12 Years
13 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
As unlikely as it may seem, cold weather can accelerate feather regrowth.

Like you, I've been concerned about hens in the past that went into winter with large patches of baldness. I tried a crocheted "vest" on one hen with a naked neck and large bald patch on her back. She hated the thing with every fiber of her being. She managed to unravel it inside of just a few hours. The top photo is a stock photo off the internet. The second photo is of my hen with the garment my neighbor crocheted for her.

I don't recommend these for chickens, even if they are a hoot to look at.

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