Chicken Vet in Marin County, CA - Does anyone know one?

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  1. We have a new person with a sick chicken and she is wondering if anyone knows of a vet in the Marin County, California area who is familiar with treating chickens.

    If anyone has a referral or positive experience, if you can post it here, i will refer her over to this thread. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    (Hey, i'm wondering if we have a section for listing vet referrals by area. Might be really helpful.)

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    I googled avian vet marin county and got lots of hits. I don't know Ca geography well enough to narrow it down.

    In the references sticky at the top of the emergencies forum is a list of vets. Only 2 listed for Ca.

    Hope the chicken is OK.

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  4. Thanks for the links, and for the post on the other thread Spinster Sister. Hope it helps her hen.
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    This is an older post, but I'll reply so that anyone searching for a chicken vet in Marin might find this going forward..

    Debra Sheenstra is an Avian vet based in Novato. She does housecalls as her primary practice. We've had her out a few times for our chickens 415-606-1454. Note that she's pretty mainstream, so if you're looking for more organic/natural methods you won't get that from her.

    Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin (24/7 vet care) - they don't have a vet who specializes in birds, however, Dr. Bowie has a flock of backyard chickens so he's comfortable with them.

    I've heard that Marin Cat's and Exotics has an Avian vet & he sees chickens. However, they have some iffy reviews on yelp. (415) 479-CATS (2287)

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