Chicken videos at my house (3)


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
I love the videos of our new chicks, and wanted to share the youtube links.

The first video is "Pot Pie Dozing in Hand" - Chicken Pot Pie, only 2 days old, and I never saw anything that adorable and trusting.

The next one is "New Chicks get a day in the sun" - our 5 new ones get to try out their expanded brooder box which we added onto so they could see and be seen by the year-old hens. We added the wired basement and the peaked roof on top so no hens could roost on them. But they go back under the heat lamp at dusk until morning. They are 4 wks old.

The last one is "The big girls meet the new babies" - and gives an astonishing view of Kung Pao chicken trying to figure out how the heck she can get to those babies. She is really thinking HARD - I'm a chicken novice so I was fascinated by this. Somehow in the next 12 weeks, we hope they become used to each other little by little.

All advice would be gratefully accepted of course! This is only our 2nd yr with chickens.

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