Chicken vs. Dog = Dog Wins

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  1. devinf65

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    Jul 12, 2014
    Yesterday was a day of firsts - our first egg! and our first injury.

    My Barred Rock, Kardashian (she's pretty but not too bright, even for a chicken) snuck into the neighbor's yard and was attacked by a smallish dog. The left wing is a bit bloody and there is a nasty puncture/bite wound on her right rear. I cleaned it up as best as I could with saline and isolated her from the other chickens. She was freaking out not being near her buddies so when night came I let her back in the coop and she went straight to bed. This morning I let the beasties out and kept her inside the coop. After I do some wound care this morning I'm going to put her into a separate little pen I setup yesterday.

    She seems to be walking, eating and drinking just fine.

    A friend who is a vet tech came by and checked her out. He sent some pics to a bird doc who says that she needs surgery to fix the wound since it punctured into the muscle and fat. That isn't going to happen. Sorry, but soup before surgery. I'm planning on keeping the wound as clean as possible, applying antibiotics as needed, and hoping for a clean healing process. After much reading I've decided to use Blu-Kote if I can find someone who carries it in my area (Southern California). She freaks out way too much so I want to be able to get her back into the flock ASAP. The major wound is hidden by her feathers, but the wing isn't.

    Basically, I'm looking to see if I'm on the right track with this. I'm also wondering if it is OK to put her back in with the other ladies or if I should keep her isolated and for how long?

    Advice and reassurances are welcome!
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    Finger Lakes, NY
    Love the name of your chicken - OMG - too funny [​IMG] Anyway, I think you are doing just fine. Keep that wound clean, dry. Apply antibiotic ointment (nothing with 'cain' in it - benzocain, lido,xylo - it's not good for chickens).
    Not sure about your 'bird doc' - in humans dog bites are generally not stitched up because they get infected and cause an abscess if they can't drain...........anyway, if you have something like a small dog crate, or set up a small penned area where she can see her friends but not get picked on. Since she seems to have done ok overnight, I would put her back in the coop just before 'lock-up'. That way no one should be interested in picking etc. Give her extra treats - mealworms (protein), yoghurt/oatmeal slurry etc. to help her fight infection.
    Keep us posted, you're doing good, [​IMG]
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    Jun 22, 2014
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    Soup before surgery's my kind of thinking. I'd have a hard time rapping up hundreds of dollars in vet bills for a $2.00 chicken, unless it's a disease that can affect the whole flock. I'm kind of new to BYC also so my thoughts don't carry to far, but one of mine had the skin ripped from under it's wing. I isolated a couple of days using Neosporin, put her back. every thing healed nicely. Seems like chickens have a will to live.

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