Chicken vs. Duck Eggs

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    Aug 18, 2014
    I was just wondering which is healthier. I've heard that duck eggs are more nutritious that that of a chicken, but if you feed a pastured, free range chicken a proper homemade diet, could they be healthier than any pastured, free range duck egg that mostly forages? The recipe of feed for the chicken that I'm looking at is on this website:

    I'm just looking for the healthiest possible egg to consume, and with that while grain, corn free feed recipe (with things life Flax and such), it seems pretty even to me that chickens(Evenly feed a certain diet and foraging) and ducks(Primarily foraging with homemade supplemental feed) would be even on nutritious eggs, although I could be completely wrong.

    Let me know your thoughts and ideas below. Anything is greatly appreciated!
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