Chicken w/ foot injury

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Our bantam cochin hen has recently gotten an injury on her foot. she stands on her other foot all day, doesn't move, and the skin of her infected foot has started to rot and fall off. 1 of her toes has no skin and it smells terrible. Does anyone know of anything that I can give her to help her?
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    *she needs antibiotics, and the foot needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It's gonna hurt & she's not gonna like it. Be as gentle as you can but do the job well!! Tape gauze coated with neosporin to the cleaned foot. Change the dressing *at least* twice a day and keep the foot clean. You're probly going to have to feed her, too & giue her water by hand awhile. ( I hope somebody else knows if chickens need tetanus shots.) Edit: Another thread posted with a wounded bird today & dlhunicorn states that amoxycillin is the preferred anti-biotic for wounds & she would definitely know for sure. . . Were you able to clean it up??? Could you post pics for the crew here?
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