Chicken was attacked by dog

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    Oct 30, 2017
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    One of my chickens was attacked by my dog. I was on vacation and had a sitter stay at the house. She did not know it happened so by the time I found my chicken, she was scabbed over.
    Basically, I saw her in the coop and she seemed fine, then she turned and it was like she was half terminator. Her feathers were missing from her head and neck and she was all scabbed over. In any other sense, she seemed fine....a little shaken, but she seemed like a chicken. In the next few days, I gave her electrolytes, extra seed, tomatoes and cucumbers to help her out. I have also been spray g hee with wound spray (tea tree oil, comfry, goldenseal, aloe vera-its for poultry). She has appeared to get more and more back to normal. She is eating, drinking, pecking, etc.
    My issue is, her head and neck is one giant gross scab that seems to have cracked open. Its really cold here at night (mid 20's). Without feathers, should I be doing something else? 20180113_163431.jpg
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    If you put neosporn or pollysporn ( not sure how there spelt) on it, it’s will help the healing process a lot and it does not cause any pain. If she is still bleeding or starts to bleed bc she scratches off her scab just put blood-stopping powder on it if you have it. I would keep her away from roosters and if you see other hens picking on her often I would remove her from the flock until she gets better.
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