Chicken was Ill for 2 weeks now hops on one leg

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    Aug 6, 2013
    Hi, this is my 3rd post regarding my sick chicken and its been 3 weeks so any advice would be greatly appreciated. these are my first chickens, none others are sick. she is six months old. the others lay eggs and she doesnt. First she had a limp in one day stopped walking, then because of that had maggots on her and a soreish bum. THEN had diarhea and was eating drinking small amounts. I gave her vitamins electrolytes yogurt mixed with oats. Everyday, and Epsom salt baths with a touch of dawn to get the poo off her. I finally found oral antibiotics, i live in a small town and tractor supply only had injectable stuff with no needles? Idk whats up with that. She had a fever then with giving her tetroxy hca it broke and her color is better and poo is back to normal. EXCEPT she is hopping around on one leg. She wont put it down just wiggles it. I let her outside while i cleaned her cage and she can hop fast away using her wings too. But i dont want her to have to struggle being a one legged chicken. She wont let you straighten it out so idk about wrapping it. I am not sure if its a break and has been this all along i mostly thought she had some sort of digestive infection because of her symptoms. So idk if i over looked some sort of tendon injury or what, because of that. She does have some redness and it looks like dry skin or scab on her hock? Elbow, knee area. That i keep spraying with veterycin. She will flex her toes just not straighten. I havnt slinged her and its been 3 weeks so i'm worried. No bird vet near me.
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    If she is getting around okay eating, drinking, and roosting, she may be fine without confining to a crate. But if you think she should rest it for a few days, by all means do it. Give her some vitamins (especially B and E) since some leg problems are due to vitamin deficiencies. Polyvisol baby vitamins are good--2 drops a day. Let her out in a few days to see if there is improvement. Also realize that some diseases like mycoplasma and E.Coli can affect every system in the body--even the bones.

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