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    If you love chickens and love to talk about them, this is an opportunity you need to check out.

    I have invested much of my time and money into setting up a Backyard Chicken Podcast and companion website for the purpose of educating, entertaining and inspiring those who either want to raise chickens or are already doing so. In this podcast I have shared my journey into raising chickens in my suburban backyard and have shared experiences, tips, and fun with the audience.

    The reason I am selling is because I need to focus on other things in my life. I love chickens and getting on the microphone, but I think this podcast would benefit and expand if someone else with more enthusiasm and presence would take it over and take it to the next level.

    The base is all set for you and I am willing to help transition and show you the ropes. Anyone should be able to take this and run with it.

    The podcast; See it in iTunes - See it on Stitcher radio
    There are 11 episodes and each appear on both itunes, & stitcher radio - These are the top 2 distribution networks for podcasts - The podcasts are hosted on libsyn - an online podcasting syndication tool. Since the end of July, there have been approximately 2,700 downloads. There is room for growth! To produce a podcast, you will need a microphone like the one i have (here), a computer and some free software (iTunes & Audacity or garageband)

    The website; is built on a premium wordpress theme (genesis framework) which is about $100 itself. Easy to maintain since it is wordpress and it has a plugin that pushes your podcast theme out to itunes, stitcher and some directories on the web. I just spend $750 on a foundation SEO package that will steadily increase search engine traffic over time. You will just need to keep publishing content and engage in some social media to increase listenership and website traffic. There is an email list hooked up through of which you can transfer over to your preferred service. There are no subscribers to the email list yet.

    Social media; I have a facebook fan page setup that needs to be exploited for traffic and engagement. You will get this along with the chicken cast twitter account ([email protected]). I also have a YouTube channel which has 5 podcast put into video format for you to get more exposure.

    I have laid all of the foundation for someone to come in and start working the system. The sky is the limit! With this platform, you could; interview bloggers/authors, feature chicken coops you like, review chicken products and make money with affiliate marketing, etc.etc... It all depends on where you want to take it.

    The buyer will get the whole package - website, social media accounts, podcast files, podcast & website artwork.
    The full price includes me walking you through how I produce a podcast, post it to libsyn, & post it on the website.
    I will include a transition show to introduce the audience to the new host.

    If you have any questions, please let me know

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