Chicken wheelchair or prosthetic?

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    Jul 16, 2016
    Hi all
    I have 10 week old naked neck Mo, got from another farm a few hours from here. Mo is always a noisy chick, cried pee pee until you pick her up and then she happy. She has been pet chicken on the sundeck with my daughters chicken. We got her at two weeks and she grew a bit and then stopped and her littermates grew until we had to take her out. We put her with orloff chicks 3 weeks old whos mother left them and she was quiet and happy under the heat again. But now they are her size and she stands up and cant bend one leg down. Its stuck bent up under her and cant straight. So we go to farm vet she says a moved ligament and its not treatable but says shes in no pain so she can live. She also said mo is only 13 oz in weight which is too small for 10 weeks ithink. Ive never had naked neck before. So we have mo inside for life now and want to know can we make a wheelchair or leg for her? Will her leg be ok or need to be cut off? Can i exercise the leg? Also how can i make her gain weight! They said she has worms and mites but my girl ( are separted) have none so i think just from this farm. And she was treated. Should i put another bird in with her for companion and to clean her? She cant clean iif she cant balance

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    I would try to build her something like a swing that she can hang from but still put her feet on the ground. That way she doesn't have to worry about balance to preen her feathers. Get a long piece of soft fabric, cut holes in it for her legs, and hang it between something; dog kennels are the first thing that come to my mind.
    Hope she gets stronger!
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