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Apr 21, 2013
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I have a little silliest that had a hard time getting out of her shell. I guess she was in there a little too long. Since she hatched her one leg faces the wrong way and she cant walk. She flaps around and gets where she needs to go but I would like to rig up a cart of some sort to make her more mobile ..amy advice would be appreciated!


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Jul 9, 2009
Send a pm to ...chickenzoo...she has a wonderful diagram for a "chick chair "...

I have had chicks that have had similar problems but mine had "splay-leg" can improvise by using an upturned cardboard box...line it with a towel and cut holes for the feet and for her/him to poop through...I used soft small hairbands to attach feet into their correct can use vetwrap or bandaid to keep both feet aligned...ensure feet cannot touch the will need to monitor feeding and drinking as there is a huge risk that they can topple forward into their water...

Hope that helps you!

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