chicken wheezing antibiotics don't help

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Hey everyone,

    I have a chicken of unknown breed that I got from a woman who was moving away. When I bought her she said the chicken was a layer, but we've had her quite a while and so far she doesn't appear to have laid any eggs. Now, this poor chicken is wheezing when she breathes. I thought it had to be a respiratory infection, so I've had her isolated and on antibiotics for nearly two weeks, but I've noticed no improvement at all. Other than the wheezing sound, she seems pretty active and in good spirits, is eating well and all that. Is there anything else that could be wrong with her?

    Thank you so much everyone!
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    Unfortunately, it could be viral, and the antibiotics wouldn't help. It just has to run it's course, which could be awhile. Here's an interesting link regarding bronchitis. Click on "diseases of pests and poultry" and then click "common poultry diseases". THere's a wealth of information!
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    I have had a couple that I've treated with VetRx. Ducks and Geese too. Make sure if you get it, you get the Poultry kind.

    It's worked for me like a charm. I swear by it!!

    Good luck!

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