Chicken Wire 4 feet above ground enough


8 Years
Mar 5, 2011
I know people talk about chicken wire not being enough to keep predators out. I am trying to do this a cheap as possible but also dont want to face the consequences of not doing it right the first time. My plans is to have solid wooden fencing up to four feet. and from 4' up to 8' and the top of the run use chicken wire, would this be ok you think or should i go for the hardware cloth?
I have a wood fence lined in chicken wire for 2 years now. I also have mine covered, because things climb and we have an owl problem here if one were to stay out late before I shut up the house. We had a possum once who had just walked in before I shut the gate one night. He didn't have any luck getting out that way either. About scared me to death when I opened the door!
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I'd go for the hardware cloth. Look at it this way - you can spend a little more on the hardware cloth now, or spend more later replacing your flock. Unfortunately, chicken wire is not strong enough to keep most animals out. I have a 6' tall fence, with 2x4 welded wire - not small enough to keep out mink or weasels, but stronger than chicken wire to keep out the more common problems - coons, skunks, fox and coyotes. I have 24" hardware cloth all around the bottom of the fence, and an apron dug in. Oh, and my run is also covered with the welded wire. In the summer, my chickens free range anyway, so this is more for nighttime security. When I'm gone, the chickens are in the coop and run.
thanks for the help guys, i think i will go for the hardware cloth. it will on be used on the top only. All walls will be wood pallets with 1/4"-1/2" spacing between boards.
here are a couple generic scetches to give an idea

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