chicken wire floor...?

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    Apr 30, 2011
    So i'm building a tractor coop on an old canoe trailer i have (about 10'x6', 7' high).
    I was thinking of putting chicken wire as a floor and then moving the coop every once and a while... the coop in a seasonal coop (only during summer) as part of a summer camp project i'm running. i heard having a wire floor during harsh winters (i'm in upstate NY) can harm the chickens legs, but since it's gonna be operation-able during summer only, my other concerns are about the chicken feet getting stuck or what not. we're putting an electric fence around the coop and they're ranging area, so predators is not a concern as well. any thoughts?
    second issue.... should i close the whole coop as a 4-wall coop or can i just put chicken wire all around it so it's possible to see the actual nesting boxes... is it too much exposed to light? can i build small entry doors to each nesting box so it wouldn't be too much exposed?

    any advice? thanx a lot!


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