chicken wire for apron around the ground


Nov 26, 2015
my new pen i used 1/2in 19 guage hardware cloth on all walls and roof

but i bought 1 inch chicken wire to go on ground for the apron for prdators

is chicken wire doable for the apron to deter digging?

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
From what I have read here on BYC chicken wire is effective at keeping chickens enclosed but not so good at keeping predators out. I guess you could try it and see what happens?

Good luck


Hermit House

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Dec 17, 2015
Vadsby, Denmark
We have foxes and so I use metal fabric (welded wire mesh). The holes are 1cm x 2cm (a little less than 3/8th" x 3/4th"). Anything much larger and you can get rodents and other critters passing through. For larger predators the traditional chicken wire is just too easy to bite through or otherwise defeat. The only place we've used it is in the overhead section of the run. I may be overdoing it, but I mount the mesh on the outside of the structure with a deep overlap on the frame (to make it harder to push through the gap) and use a staple on every wire. We lost 10 of 12 of our first flock to a fox and the level of strength, determination, and imagination it had to use to get to them was impressive - if distressing. I reckon extra staples are a small cost compared to having to put down an injured friend.

Rather than bury the mesh or play an apron, I've gone with a fully wired base, again, mesh on the outside. With the wood chips and litter they never see the wire.
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