chicken wire with 2 " holes

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    Can anyone think of a use for chicken wire with 2" holes? Or a way to make it predator proof to use on a poultry yard?
    2 layers maybe?

  2. ChickenCanoe

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    It will work to keep chickens out of a garden or contain them but it will never make for predator protection. Raccoons and other animals can rip it apart and mink, weasels and young possums can slip right through those holes.
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    Electrify it ;)
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    It works for a roof to keep out hawks. Though raccoon can climb and chew through it so it's always a good idea to close coop doors at night. I've never lost a bird to mink or weasels during the day. In fixed runs I use 2x4 welded wire (inexpensive and can't find 2x2) in 14 gauge. Animals can't chew through that. As for the ones that can slip right through, again, I close the coop door every night. With non electric runs you need an apron to prevent digging under. Easiest way to do this is to take 4 foot 2x4 welded wire fencing and cut in half and cut to length longer than run side so the pieces overlap on corners. Lay the lengths flat on ground out from run and let the grass grow around it so you can mow and walk on it without worry or place it flat under the sod. Animals dig at fence line and once encounter welded wire they can't chew or claw through move to side and dig again at fence line. The 18-24" width of cutting fencing in half is enough to stop all digging predators.

    I'd like 2x2 welded wire but honesty can't find it in 50' rolls so get my 2x4 wire at Home Depot or Lowes 4'x50' in 14 gauge for under $40. Don't get 19 gauge, determined animals can chew that. Chicken wire is really thin, around 24 gauge and doesn't stop much excepting hawks getting in and your birds getting out.
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