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chicken with an eye infection?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Dianne1928, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Dianne1928

    Dianne1928 Chirping

    Jul 1, 2013
    Stagecoach Nevada
    I have had regular chickens for 30 years now, with no health problems other than simple old age. Of course they get to enjoy retirement for the rest of their years.

    This summer I decided to get ducks. They had a red golden phesant for sale, so I got it because it was prety. The problem started when I found a female for him. She looked very healthy and came from a reptuable breeder so I did not quarnteen her. (Bad mistake!) Both phesants got respritory infections, and one swolen eye each. I gave them both antibiotic shots plus antibiotics in their drinking water. Bactracillin G injection and terra vet 10 tetracycinne powder. They both died in three days. I never got a chance to take then to a vet.

    A couple weeks after one my banti chickens came up with the same symptoms. She responded quicklly to the same medications.I am hesident to take her to the vet here because she charged me $300 for a hampster with hair loss issues. And the medicine she prescribed killed it.

    Any way the chicken is fine. When she started to open the eye again it was all yellow inside. It looked the color of cooked egg yokes. I used a damp tissue and slid the yellow gunk to the side. It wrinkled up, and I could pull it out, a little three times a week. The consistancy is like really soft plyable rubber.

    I fianally got it all out, and I can see her eye again. She dosesn't seem to see out of it, but it looks good. I will keep her in isolation a while longer to make sure nothing else goes wrong.

    Does anyone know what this was???

    I have read that pheasant disease wont infect chickens. My theory is that the phesants and the chicken drank out of the ducks dabbeling pond. I got rid of that, and now one has gotten sick since then. Was that that it. Or there another possiblle explanation. I really dont want this to happen again.
    Thank-you for any ideas.

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