chicken with bloody end/to bathe or not to bathe

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    Jun 2, 2009
    I went out tonight to tuck my hens in and noticed that one of my hens was quite coated in blood. She was rescued and has not been able to really grow feather on her back near her rear tail feathers. I have had a few instances of them breaking and bleeding but clotting quite quickly. To prevent further distress I have left the pin feathers alone and she has been doing quite fine. She looks so much healthier than when I got her...aside from this patch of missing/broken/deteriorated feathers on her back ~ and what seems like some dry skin (i question how old she is...she is also not laying eggs so I think she could definitely be older).

    I am sure that a feather broke today (or possibly yesterday) and the blood along with the snow outside way to boredom...gave my other hen reason to pick at her (usually they free range the yard...but today's weather kept them in by their own choice). There is ALOT of dried blood and yet she seems absolutely fine. I removed her from the hen house and brought her indoors (she is not happy about this at all) she's in a small cage big enough for her to stand but not really run around (its bedtime though so i doubt she's worried about going anywhere). I'm worried that there may be more damage then I am seeing...but I am also worried that if i choose to bathe her I may unclot what has clotted on its own.

    For tonight she will be snug in my daughters room... but I am not sure how many days she will want to stay in the house. She is not that familiar with humans and I believe she is definitely more secure with her hen friends.
    Is there something I can put on the area to protect her dry skin and prevent the continuous loop of broken pin feathers and help them grow in. I have a feeling this will continue to happen if I dont do something about it. Her "sister" that I rescued at the same time is also doing much better then when we brought her home but I am not having this continued problem of breaking pin feathers that I am having with this girl.
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    I don't have knowledge about the breaking/bleeding feathers, but as to keeping the other birds from pecking at her, for her sake i think i would use blue kote (or similar product) on her toosh until the new feathers really do come in. It contains an antiseptic, and it camouflages the bloody and bare areas. This way, she could go back to the others where she's comfortable - and still not be tortured by them.

    About whether or not to clean off the blood - is totally a judgment call i'd have to make while actually looking at it. I say trust your gut - and either way, use the blue kote.

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